Saturday, July 09, 2005

Looking back to my trip, the sceneries were memorable and spectacular. Even more so was the company of fellow travellers-the new familar faces I got to recognise and the few friends I hope to keep.

At King's Canyon, we screamed at the mountains, we screamed our lungs out and heard the rebounding sound effect echoing satisfyingly back toward us. Under the crackling camp fire we gathered toasting delicious marshmallows, under the sparkling stars we swapped stories and shared our thoughts.

We are travelling closer and closer toward Melbourne now. I guess I am mentally preparing myself to the realities of life. The landscape rolling by no longer consists of foreign shrubs and dry flat bush land. There were familiar farmhouses and green grass of the outer suburbs instead of dry, red sand and rocks.
I watched several planes take off yesterday and felt and pang or two. I suppose it's the feeling that the end of the holiday is drawing near and I'm starting to yearn for that 'freedom' again.
Perhaps one day...
Perhaps the true meaning of travel is to escape from reality and experience something completely different. Be whoever you want to be.
Oh what a welcoming sight, dark grey clouds looming in the sky and traffic jams-welcome back to Melbourne! Perhaps I decided that I needed to get away because I wanted answers. I wanted to find out whether I'm with the right guy, what kind of person I am, and what I need to do with my next step in life...
If I have no shackles...I would love to travel. The extended travelling kind. Find out more about everything, see the world for myself.
I wonder when I will ever settle?

xiao ying @ 10:40 PM.