Saturday, July 23, 2005

This is Team Hiro, oops I mean Hero. Sunset at Kings Canyon, Central Australia.

It’s 12:30am.
Yet my mind is filled with thoughts, I need to type this down!

Today was a girl’s day out. Tiring but very fun. I walked through half the Melbourne CBD on broken heels with Joyce and Shelly, yet I quite enjoyed their company. Ting, a close friend from high school came and visited me this evening. We then chatted for hours.

It’s interesting how social dynamics work when you are stuck in the middle of a desert for 11 days with 94 other strangers. The first couple of days it felt like I was just smiling, saying hi and trying to remember names. It felt like a ritual. You know, a social etiquette, repeating that same line over and over to each stranger you meet. “Hi, I’m Jenny, nice to meet you. What course do you do?...blah blah blah.”

The point is, how many acquaintances do you make in this life time, and how many do you actually call friends? Sure it was fun getting to know so many people, but at some point it got a little tiring. And how much do you really know that person, beside from their name, course and star sign anyway? Once you are beyond the superficiality and the masks, at one stage, one begins to open up and things become interesting…I’m interested to know how they feel when they see a shooting star, I want to discover what their ambitions are, what things in life they enjoy most. Oh but it goes deeper than that, it’s amazing what you can discover about a person the more you get to know them. How first impression is only skin deep. There can be so much more inside, the good, the bad, the ugly…Just like peeling the onion, people can have so many layers.

I know it’s important to cherish friendship. Its times when you need help the most that you discover who your true friends are. Sure I have made many friends during my trip away, but how many of them are superficial ones and how many are for keeps?

I thought of my past, there was a soccer group my friends and I used to hang out with. Then there was the CMG choir group which was so chummy and fun to be part of during production times-we did everything together, karaoke, dinners, movies…Then there was the dance group, we’d be out twice a week dancing away in the latino clubs, we’d go on road trips together, play silly truth/dare games, be there for each other.

Yet slowly, they move away…change uni, go overseas, no longer dance with you and you no longer keep in contact. Seasons change, groups break apart, people move on. It’s a sad reality, but it is nevertheless, reality. I miss some of those friends, but all I’m left is a fond memory and an email address I discover occasionally. I would at pause and reflect, but sadly do nothing about it.

Every now and then you meet a gem or 2.

I hope I am mature enough to treasure these gems, as these are for keeps.
=*Life long friends*=

xiao ying @ 11:53 PM.