Saturday, July 23, 2005

It took me a few seconds to realise my surroundings. A familiar song played in the background and I discovered that I was no longer in the middle of an alien landscape somewhere in exotic Greece. No, it's dark in here, I found myself dressed in PJs and under my blanket.

Oh...it as just a dream, I must be ready for work. Groan, grumble...how many mornings did I curse or wish I slept earlier the night before? Last night? The one before that? Or the one before that one? Ah the luxury of sleeping in...if only I could indulge in such for a while...the perenial reoccuring thought that maybe I could take a sickie lasted in my head for a few minutes, until I bolted upright from my bed and rushed through my morning regime.

My mind was still halfway in Greece as I squeezed the toothpaste. I was indulging in the reminant feeling left over from that strange stream. I remember feeling really sad and regretful. Fragments of the dream crept up like a slow moving shadow cast by the rising sun. Instead of lush greeneries and exotic trees surrounding the peaceful lake, the landscape before me had trees with dry and pitiful branches, bare and naked without leaves. They reminded me of the Central Australian bush. Oh it must have been winter, I could feel the windchill, yet I shivered more so from the sorrow that welled up inside. No longer in the mood to explore the Greek Islands, I sat unmoved, watching the cafe across the land, luminating its warm welcoming light with longing.

Inside the cafe were people I knew well. He was there too. They were all accepted jobs offered by the cafe owner. They are probably all participating in activities now, in unison. I hesitated, oh why did I hesitate? Being the last person on the list, I somehow missed the boat. The feeling of isolation accompanied me, and so I continued to sit there by myself, letting melancholy wash over me like a giant wave.

Funny how I become alittle indulgent in these sorts of feelings. Sometimes melancholy is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be beautiful.

Why those events occured in my dream remains a mystery.

xiao ying @ 11:28 PM.