Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fall in love with music
Fall in love with dance
Fall in love with anything that makes you want romance
So fall in love with stories,
Fairytales with truth,
Innocence is part of what you lose with your youth.
Show a little confidence ,
Show a little class,
Don't kiss the past: the past ain't gonna last
Make a little something around the way that you go,
Just think that everything you touch could turn into gold.
Fall in love with everything that you would love to learn,
You know that laughter is the kind of form to cherish and return.
So don't make me unpleasant like you do.
You'll know that everything will fall right back to you.
So fall in love with everything
Fall in love with life.
Forget about your troubles and be a little nice.
You will not see me if you dont' want to look,
Just come and get to know me, in my big big better life. =)

xiao ying @ 8:39 PM.