Saturday, August 20, 2005

Time spent with close friends is one of those things that can generate significant happiness in our lives! I caught up with Wendy last night, one of my closest friends in high school. I probably haven't seen her for more than a year, yet it was as if we hardly spent any time apart! We giggled and laughted like the old times, the warm freeling of connection and familiarity went down like that cup of warm chocolate caramel vanilla fudge I enjoyed with Neil at Cafe Crema. Suddenly time had warped back to those innocent Macrob school girl days, when we ran around in mini skirts (hitched up high) and pigtails, chasing boys (or running away from them) near the South Yarra Station.
I'm not just in awe of how quickly time flew and that I've practicallyl known them for almost a decade, I'm comforted by the thought that these friends will be my life-long friends. That no matter what happens in life, they will be around and our connection will be familiar as always, as if I've never left them.

xiao ying @ 9:32 PM.