Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It was sooo cold today. According to the news, today was the coldest winter in Melbourne since 1970. Can you believe that it actually snowed in the suburbs?!! Too bad I didn't get to see it! =(

Home was a welcoming sight after a hard day's work though, I felt the warmth as soon I stepped through the front door. Mum welcomed me with a smile, rushing off to heat up my dinner (yes I know I'm so lucky). I chatted to dad for awhile, and it amazed me how deep I was able to carry through the conversation.

So, here is another day, another typical day that flys by in a blur...I had an argument with neil today, it only lasted a few minutes, but god it was good to let all that steam out, and yell at each other. I don't think I've ever done that before in previous relationships. I've always been too polite, I guess that was something I would have improved on if I was ever to go back in time.

Sometimes random people I've crossed paths with in my life come floating into my mind when I least expect it. Like something so little, such as a familiar scent, or an item of clothing worn by fellow passengers on the train...they trigger a whole range of old memories. You begin to recall their faces and the way they interacted with you, you even miss them and wonder what they are doing right now with their lives. I always recalled those people who made me smile with a touch of affection and fondness. When I was a child mum used to tell me that when someone thinks of you, you can feel your ears heat up for no reason, or you get a tic on your upper eyelid. Haha, I wonder if they ever get that when I think of them? I wonder if these well wishes are ever heard? Perhaps they exist only as echoes for a brief second in one's mind, and then dissappear for eternity without ever reach that other person. I wonder if telepathy or that kinetic mental thingy is true. If it is, it'd be pretty cool.

Ah, I rambled too much. Gotta go now, else I'll grumble next morning for sleeping too little!

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