Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Outside, the world is colored grey and blue. Raindrops run their courses jaggedly down the train window, merging with hundreds of other raindrops they bump on their way. Stepping out, you can feel the chill hurting your ears. The wind from Antarctica made people huddled like penguins under the platform shelters, wearing their tired expressions, monotonous like their long black and grey coats...
Yet amongst the scene of the drizzling rain, a brief moment of winter sun appeared from beneath heavy clouds adding an unnatural golden glow to the scene. Strange how perspectives can change just like that. A spectacular giant rainbow stretched across the sky behind the weary passengers. The scene before me suddenly looked so weirdly ironic that it made me smile. Pausing only briefly, I hurried home.

xiao ying @ 7:33 PM.