Sunday, August 14, 2005

总有一些时候 不希望被打扰
总有一些心情 不希望对人说明

I wonder why it is so easy to procrastinate at the end of the day.
Sitting here idle, I like daydreaming and enjoying the tranquility of the night. I know tomorrow morning I will once again wake up with a head full of curses asking myself why I didn't sleep any earlier. It's always a struggle to get up in the mornings, especially when the air outside is too cold and your body is still crying out for that extra half an hour of sleep. Yet the pattern repeats itself day after day. Time always feel so short when you start working (not during work though, hehe). It's because you really treasure those moments when you are free to do what you please, moments when you can live your life to the max.

This weekend was a blast!! Friday night my friends dragged me to the Monash-Melb uni dance competition. At medal presentation, surprisingly we all ended up with a few medals hanging from our necks, some with more than others ;). Still glowing from the rewards, we declared that night was still young as we headed to the ever so popular Nocturnal 24hr Italian restaurant-where we chatted into the wee hours of the morning.

Come saturday night and it was another crazy-not-sleeping-till 4am! This time I organised karaoke. Geez, belting out those high notes with intensity and passion was such a good release!! Haha, Especially when you have a room full of awsome singers, even if at times we sound crap we don't care coz we all laugh at ourselves anyway. Then I lazed around all day today procrastinating and watching 'LOST on DVD'.

Ahhh, gotta love the weekends! Aw, it's sunday night. Time to recharge myself from the 'physical toll' incurred over the weekend, time to face the music and get back to my dayjob. Boooooo...-_-**

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