Monday, August 29, 2005

Many people think that clubbing is a meat market, a place to pickup. For guys, it has the perfect environment for that extra boost of confidence with the influence of alcohol (as the night wears on, guys get horny and girls get easy right?). Under that dim lighting, any guy/girl would look attractive, no matter how much pimple or how many layers of makeup they wear!! Oh and don't forget those alcohol goggles for that added 'oomph' to the attractive scale.
Ok, so you've studied/worked all week, you want to get smashed/stoned, dance and chat up to the next available hot sexy specimen next to ya-perhaps then get lucky and score a night of hot passion?
Ahem, clarification: the above view appears to be the general concensus in the western world, NOT my view/or the reason why I enjoy clubbing :P May I also add that I have no objection against people who do possess that view, as people are entitled to their own opinions.
A friend told me once that he felt quite 'green' after his first clubbing experience. For those not used to the dancing, the thumping music and the picking up, I guess it can be quite draining or exhausting. People get smashed so they can losen their inhibitions and do whatever they want right? Maybe there is a devil that sit on the shoulders of many, even the most innocent types, and whispers temptations dictated by their hormones. But what of the consequences? What about that scenario of waking up to this really ugly person and a head full of regrets? Lol, I know that I wouldnt' do that because I already have a boyfriend. Besides, most of the strangers that approach you in clubs seem sleazy and kinda creepy anyway. They either try to grab your waist, or try to shout some lame pickup lines. I had a friend who tried to pick up a girl by saying she has 'nice teeth' (why on early he picked teeth I have no idea). The girl couldn't hear him properly, so he shouted the same pickup line 3 times over the thumping music. I cracked up when he told me this and said he's lucky he didnt' get slapped. (Imagine at 2am you have a guy screaming 'you have nice tits' at you, hm, then again maybe by then you wouldn't mind).
Asking around my guy friends, I was surprised to hear that with 100% certainty, guys go clubbing to pick up girls. Although this may apply to many girls as well, I doubt the percentage is that high. I know for a fact that myself and a few gal pals enjoy the atmosphere purely because of the music and the company of a small circle of friends. Seriously! Sometimes when I hear a groovy RnB tune in my MP3 player on my way to work, I have this impulse to dance to the music. I guess girls have the advantage of being able to dance with other girls without looking stupid, while boy on boy action is the less socially acceptable norm.

xiao ying @ 7:53 PM.