Saturday, September 10, 2005

I watched 'Ballroom' today!! Wah...let's just say that it was jaw-dropping, unbelievably spectacular!! The choreography was HOT, so were the dancers...young, beautiful, perfect body, costume and hair, all moving in perfect unison. It was a frenzy of color and coordinated movements. Damn I'm jealous, I wish I could dance that well! Hm, perhaps one day if I train hard enough and get the right personal dance instructor...
Here's a recent review of the show:
There's no need to wear a coat to this show on chilly nights because the dance on offer inside the theatre is some of the hottest you're ever likely to see.Perth-born choreographer Jason Gilkison brings more than two decades of experience to his new take on the art of ballroom dancing, basing his moves on the notion that this popular, community-based art form no longer needs the phoney glamour and sequins of the old-style championships. There is not a sequin or spangle in sight on the women's costumes, which look as though they might have just been stripped off models from the catwalk with their bright swirls of colour and cute little cocktail-hour fashions.It's a stylish, elegant look that still allows the women freedom of movement as they samba, shimmy, rhumba, tango and prowl in sexuallycharged posturing around their male partners. Sometimes these luscious, superbly fit young women strip down to a kind of seagrass costume, or even sexier backless black. The men are more minimalist in costume - sometimes bare-chested, or in jeans and jacket, or in tight-jacketed black suits like members of the mafia.Mostly, though, it's seriously sensual dancing aimed at delivering the kind of sensory experience that brings into play the perfection of the human body, harmony within couples and bursts of solo inspiration. If you're close enough you'll see the sweat and imagine you can smell the sexually-charged atmosphere. It might be just an act - all those smouldering looks, body grinding and caressing the limbs of the partner is part of the role-playing of ballroom. But taken together, whether in eight-couple ensembles, duos or solos, these dancers offer proof that ballroom has come of age as a legitimate form of theatre entertainment. It's just that you will end up envious of their talent and exuberance.
I'm inspired, I hope that one day I will be able to reach that level of dancing! I reckon if I was as dedicated as I was in the past week, training every night, I might be, hehe.
Following the ballroom musical it was the long awaited medal night. Surprisingly I didnt' fall on my feet, or go out of beat (that much) lol, so yeah I passed, and actually did better than I expected. Yay! Sigh...what a good ending to the day...

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