Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oh god, WAY too much dancing over the past week! I think I've squeezed about a semester's worth of dancing in merely 5 days. Can you believe it? It's like swot vac time before the exam. You know that feeling? That feeling of "heeeeeeellp! I suck, i dont' know anything, I'm screwed unless I work my ass off"

Well it's true!! So yah, I'm cramming my ass off, literally.

Last friday night's pre-medal practise was like a cold hard slap to my face. I realised how much of a clutz I was and how stupid I'd look if I didnt' get off my lazy butt and work hard to memorise my routine. I couldnt' believe it! I was stumbling all over the place, couldnt' get my footings and timings right!

So during the past few days I was like a possessed woman, thinking of dancing in between my patients by day, and spinning and counting and repeating the steps over and over by night. I reckon by this rate, if I work out like this everyday I'd become a super toned stick insect!! Haha!

Ok lah, gotta go, dreaming about my steps.
Man, I'm so bloody anxious, it's not funny.

xiao ying @ 9:54 PM.