Saturday, November 19, 2005

4 Days on and I have finally found a home for myself! Relief is not enough to describe how happy I felt. That night I simply had trouble sleeping. The excitement of finally finding a roof over my head is like a huge weight off my shoulder. Oh! Gone are those days of agonizing under the stifling heat sweating over directions and trying to picture myself living in horribly expensive apartments with weird owners. Some rooms looked like they’ve just been converted from a store room, some were really noisy as they were situated next to highways, or had ugly slum views, with patchy tin covered roofs, uneven concrete and other people’s rubbish piles.

It turned out that we were looking at the wrong area.

Thank god I found this gem of an apartment. Nice area, quiet, central to shopping centers, close to my work place, spacious, well equipped facilities and a quiet female room mate! And it's
one of the cheaper rooms I came across!! I'm enjoying the blissful air-conditioning at the moment. Ahh the breeze is soothing. I can't believe I've actually reverted backwards, from a heat-lover to a heat-hater. Well, I still love the warm weather, but I reckon I'd go insane without a bit of air-conditioning here in Singapore.

xiao ying @ 1:05 AM.