Monday, December 05, 2005

It's been one week since I arrived at Singapore. It certainly feels like 3 months though. In one week life can change so much. This is almost a different world. Everyday I'm constantly stimulated by different culture and sights. Despite the exhaustion, I feel so refreshed, so stimulated by all the things around me. Fear of the unknown has given way to curiosity and excitement. One day is always different to another when I decided that I did not want to sit around at home moping about not knowing anyone. It's a big city, it's time to take action!
So I started doing things I have never done before, like visiting all these parts of the unknown by myself, and exploring salsa clubs joining classes to attend after work. Wondering around a big city that seems to be buzzing with electricity with far greater night life and shopping that I can ever imagine in Melbourne has been a fun discovery for me. The other day I saw an Indian festival. The worshipping of the budda/Indian gods through the piercing of flesh using giant metal probes far larger than your average knitting needles. This was practiced on both men and women, probes piercing through cheeks, backsides and arms. That was certainly an experience I would never have witnessed back home. What an eye opener! I must admit it did make my stomach feel queasy.
Sigh, what a week it has been. I do feel a lot more settled though. Which is great. Goodnight diary.

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