Monday, December 05, 2005

Today was my first day at work.
For the first time since I arrived at Singapore (I can't believe it's only been 1 week), I cried and cried. While my colleagues went home to their families and husbands, I was heading home to an empty apartment with no one to greet me. To make things worse, I got lost on my way home. Singaporeans are the worst in giving directions, they always give the vaguest response, like go straight, or opposite, purposely to confuse. The thought of resting comfortably in Neil's arms made it even worse, as I stood with tired feet at the pavement as traffic sped by, alone.Like anything, perspectives change everything. So I trained my thoughts to allow myself to feel sad, at the same time think in a different way to make myself enjoy this experience. The freedom I have! I can go anywhere, do whatever I want. But the limitations are working hours and time constraints. It's true. As you mature and learn, you realize how right your parents are, and no matter how constraining and annoying their little rules can be, there is actually some truth behind it.For example: going to sleep early so that I have enough time to sleep and be fresh the next day. Or getting home early so I can properly rest for the next day. (Not what I did today: walking another 4-5 hours around shops wondering aimlessly and wasting time). Perhaps these are the lessons I'm learning through this Singapore experience. Sigh, gotta get up early tomorrow, there's a presentation at 7:45 that I need to attend.
Ok lah, good night.

xiao ying @ 8:19 PM.