Friday, February 10, 2006

January came and went with the whiff of chinese new year firecrackers trailing behind, not to mention fun-filled memories, bloated tummies, sun-kissed (or burnt) skins, 400 photos, fatigue from late nights and sore throat from 20 hrs of karaoke.

Feburary marks the month of 'romance', with Valentine's day looming ahead, every shop is now screaming 'love' with roses teddies and hearts in red and pinks (you getting the idea now how the commercialised singapore works by taking advantage of every festival?) Even my fitness center is joining the spirit of things, now conducting classes with corny names such as 'latino lovers worker out', 'the cycle of love' or 'fight for love body combat'. Been out on several 'interesting' first dates so far, most turning out fairly ho hum or eyebrow raising (ie-disatrous, haha some juicy stories there but they're private for another time). I did meet this guy who seemed pretty decent. We click well and I actually enjoy his company. He's asked me to be his date for this year's valentine and I agreed.

Somedays you do wake up thinking the world is your oyster-with your independence, your youth and good health. Somedays, well, you wake up totally buggered from lack of sleep that you wish the world would just go away. Then you turn up to work with bags under your eyes and a sore throat irritated at every patient you see and staring at the clock for the shift to end. Lesson to be learnt? SLEEP MORE! Funny how I always curse myself for sleeping too late in the morning, and committing the same sin the night after...

Feburary hopeful also marks a month of making new friends, weekend trips to malaysia with university groups, friends visiting me from Australia, more photos, more exploration of south east asia, and hopefully more self discovery!! So far I'm learning lots, and discovering that there is so much more to learn.

xiao ying @ 2:42 PM.