Saturday, February 11, 2006

I don't need some guy to wine and dine me all the time
I don't need someother guy to tell me I look fine
I won't hear a lie even if it's all you have to say
No more empty promises to keep me hanging on a line
Just as themusic plays on and on each and every day

Hey Hey

There is no other way
Simply smile a little smile for you
No matter what you do
Love yourself everyway
Feeling good that's your natural right
Love yourself every day
Close your eyes feel the love inside
You oughtta know by now baby
Loving life is
all you need to be a lady
On my way to feeling empty in a sea of people alone, melancholy was interupted by the upbeat lyrics of this song I heard on my mp3 player.

xiao ying @ 12:30 AM.