Monday, May 01, 2006

With fellow optometry colleagues

At our annual dinner and dance ball...

Latest developments:

-improved cooking skills

-discovered that grocery shopping, washing dishes, cleaning toilets and doing laundry can actually be relaxing (call me weird)

-Starting to understand why Joyce loves grocery shopping, perhaps linked to the female psychology of guilt-free cash spending ?
-too much socialising with friends, not enough sleep
-no time to think, always go go go
-starting to dislike the monotonous working lifestyle of being a refraction monkey

-enjoying free salsa dancing, live music, meeting cute singaporean boys every friday night at Union Square
-becoming obsessed with latino jam classes at california fitness
-photography sessions at the zoo, beach, everywhere.
-gotta stop shopping on impulse, accumulating lots of things and wondering how I'm able to bring them back to Austalia
-nearly got conned into modelling and people claiming that I'd won holidays overseas
-more travelling forecasted: whip into a shopping frenzy, swim in the ocean, camp under the stars, shower under waterfalls, climb the peak, kayak around Harlom bay, touch the sky, appreciate colorful culture, make lifelong friends...
-learning (slowly) to think and decide on my own

xiao ying @ 5:16 PM.