Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It happened to me out of the blue one day. Looking at Z from the side, I was filled with a sudden rush of affection, and muttered the word 'boyfriend' in my mind so naturally that I surprised myself. I think that’s the moment I came to accept that word in my vocabulary. Once I believed in fairytales, I still wish I do in a sense. Over a couple of drinks I chatted to a colleague about finding 'the one' in your life. It's funny how I'm starting to 'mature' like the rest of my older counterparts and start to develop this slight cynicism about finding that perfect someone, who fulfills your every need. I mean, how does he come to be perfect when you're not perfect yourself? Plus change is inevitable, the 'perfect he' today may not be the 'perfect he' tomorrow. What if 'the one' is simply the right person who we meet at the right time, who fulfill 'most' of the criteria in the so called checklist?

xiao ying @ 3:13 AM.