Monday, July 24, 2006

With closed eyes I felt the lift and the take off, and several dizzying moments later, we're above clouds again.

A friend once told me how he loved that dizzy sensation when the plane takes off, that sense of freedom and exciting adventure that awaited him on the other side. To me airplanes have always been a gateway to another life. This time the sensation was different, the tears of farewell no longer well up in my eyes as if I'm numb to changes. I stared down at the tiny dotted landscape of my old life beneath the clouds with my future as blank as the blue sky above. I waited for anxiety or melancholy to wash over me.
There was nothing.

This time around, packing my life away in 2 large suitcases and moving on to a new destination was as easy as taking the bus to the city. 2 months of nomadic life as a traveler and 6 plane trips later, I'm no longer fazed by goodbyes. The reassuring words of a close friend still ring in my ears when it comes to the topic of goodbyes. I don't believe in goodbyes, I believe in see you later. Because once you forge an everlasting friendship, it stays with you inside. Without a doubt, I know we will meet again someplace somehow, and I know we will most certainly pick up the way we left off.

The past week whirled by with such velocity that I was out of breath trying to catch up with as many people as I could. I notice when you're away for a period of time and you meet up with those who matter, the meetings are enhanced and more precious. It's refreshing to feel the welcoming easy going nature of Australians again, and to see my home and those around me unchanged, it's as if I've never left Melbourne at all.

See you later Melbourne.

xiao ying @ 1:29 AM.