Saturday, July 29, 2006

If there is heaven on earth,
This must be it
Swimming amongst the calm warm waters of tropical sea
We looked up from the water surface and saw this...

The sky burning with amber, magenta, yellow and orange
The most spectacular sunset ever
Soon the lights would slowly fade
And the Bay of decended dragons would turn into a mysterious world
dotted by starlights from distant ships
We would all lay side by side under the canopy
Sing, chat, laugh
and play hunter games deep into the night

By morning I would wake,
to find the world transformed again under the dawning sun...

Insects sing with fading light,
Stars spill over like diamonds,
millions of them
Over there,
why is that star dancing in the night?
Haven't seen that since I was a little girl
Among my grandma's rice fields

Look! What's that light rising from behind the mountain top?
Oh it's a moonrise,
Slowly it peers out like a shy girl revealing its pretty face
Rising higher and higher
Our awe inspired faces bathed in gentle silver moonlight

I will never forget that afternoon we did singing marathons from across our boats,
the water reflecting mountains and pagodas like a perfect mirror

Ahhh, the taste of sweet victory!!
I've conquered the highest point in Vietnam at last!!
Sure it's cold and the view obscured by a sea of white
But after hours of blowing my nose,
Huffing and puffing up the mountain,
Complaining that I couldn't make it
With 4 hours of sleep and 2 minute noodles for energy,
Moments of near death experience scaling vertical slopes,
4 longest hours of my life later,
I’ve finally made the summit!

Thank you guys, for believing in me and supporting me all the way through!

Taking a moment to reflect,
We all sat by the edge, side by side
Such a serene place, where everything stops
One cannot help but draw inspiration from the movie,
You know that one with the four guys pointing at the shooting star? (F4)
Yeah, we imitated them too =P

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone: Chloe, Ling, Grace, Jia Wei, Nick, Jun Jie, Jacobe, Steven for making my Vietnam trip such a WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE one!!

xiao ying @ 9:57 PM.