Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Softly she comes with the morning light
To wake us from a winter's night
Get up she says and tag along
I've turned this day for a summer song
Cool and sweet then falls the rain
Freshening up the trees again
Willows dip and kiss the stream
And cool the place where lovers dream
Delightfully free is joyful spring
New hope she brings to everything
Carefree days go laughing by
'Till evening comes and breathes a sigh
Too soon there's nothing more to tell
One last embrace and then: farewell
Before you know, she has passed away
Leaving blossoms where the children play
And then once more in the morning's light
She will wake us from a winter's night
With her gentle sounds and sweet caress
We'll be captured again
By her loveliness

By William A Hickey (One of my patients)

xiao ying @ 8:06 AM.