Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I couldn't be stuffed getting out of bed today. Both the unrelenting grey sky outside and my sore throat gave me an excuse to procrastinate the entire day away in the comfort of my fluffy warm bed. A friend recently joked that it must have been me who brought the miserable Melbourne weather along to this sunny state of Queensland.

Just spent an entire day sitting infront of the computer playing with Photoshop. My god there are so many cool functions that I never knew existed!! I was so hooked I forgot to eat lunch. I could definitely forsee hundreds of hours wasted away in the future on this godsent software...I'm in love!!

Haha, check out some of the photos I've edited:

Merging the spectacular fireworks from the Brisbane Riverfire Festival with a normal photo of myself.

Before and after photoshop: who needs anti pimple creams and lipstick when you have photoshop?
Haven't blogged for ages. Blame it on being too busy studying my therapeutics course =D.

Quality time at the Gold Coast was spent partying at Surfers Paradise on weekends, jogging along the golden beach under the morning sun before work, and fine dining at some beach front restaurants. I even got invited to several colleage student parties (boy, do Australians know how to let loose and have fun!). The Salsa scene ain't as spectactular as Melbourne or Singapore, but I did try Argentine Tango the other day. I definitely want to learn it sometime in the near future!

Brisbane has a slower pace of living compared to Melbourne, it's more relaxed and traffic is less congested. Somehow the beautiful Brisbane River reminded me of the Yarra, strolling along the banks on a sun drenched afternoon, the cafes and sculptures resembled South Bank and the Melbourne Arts Center. The other night Brisbane River enrupted with a spectacular show of fireworks in the wake of the annual River Festival. Our group squealed at the explosion of flower in the sky like a bunch of kindergarten kids, and expressed our cravings for candies coz they somehow looked like orange, strawberry and banana flavored sorbets. Don't ask me why, but it was fun.

Last weekend I strolled along the famous trendy Hampton St at Noosa, Sunshine Coast, enjoying a mouth watering seafood dinner banquet as well as a very expensive but mediocre breakfast. The tourists at Noosa are either YUPpies or retiring upperclass business people I think, because the prices I paid for a meal is probably more than enough to feed me an entire week at Vietnam. I did, however, score a free front row seat in this awsome orchestral/choir concert that my friend performed in.

I thought I'd die of loneliness up here in QLD but fortunately not. Now I'm on the move again because of work allocation. Next week it's up the Sunshine Coast to sugar and rum country. Just when I'm starting to love Brisbane....sigh.

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