Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's been a while since I last blogged. My previous apartment had the worst internet connection, so I guess I just stopped. Maybe I'll get back into it slowly again...
I just had the most massive meal cooked by my parents tonight, the lobster was about 1 meter long, no kidding. Everyone was talking loudly and randomly in true fuqin style. I just had to shake my head and smile. Yup, I'm home.
Ahhh Melbourne, hate it or love it it's still my city. Eventually I will be back one day for good, deep down I know it. Perhaps it's the family, the friends, and maybe also that yearning for that bit of stability and big city girl lifestyle. I'm excited at the prospect.
At the meantime, I'm sweating it out under the swelting 30 degree heat, feeling bloated thanks to the 'da nian 30' meal tucked inside under my belt/dress.
Finally, Happy Chinese New year everyone!! Apparently the year of the dog was bad luck for the puppies (I am one), so thus I heartily embrace the year of the pig, bring it on, whoohoo!
Better luck this year puppies ;)


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