Monday, June 04, 2007

(Above:We still look the same after 10 years! Catching up with the old 'spice girls' gang from high school)

Smartly dressed, smiling and strutting around with an extra spring in my step, I joked to one of my best friends on the phone that I'm experiencing my 'honeymoon high' period. Honeymoon with the city of Melbourne that is.

These days I'm living the kind of lifestyle I envisioned several months ago. No longer do I dream of that sex and the city style girly catch ups, nights out with mates in trendy bars/clubs, lattes under undrenched sidewalk cafes and homely family dinners. I'm finally living this sort of lifestyle right here right now-in this vibrant city, voted one of the most liveable in the world. The autumn air is crisp and buzzing with electricity, fashion dresses flowing, music pumping and streets filled with ethnic culinary delights, street performances and funky fashion.

After figuring out the right work-life balance, with a sense of satisfation in helping the public, and the interesting prospect of striking up fascinating conversations with people from all walks of life-my job is actually enjoyable and suits me well.

The future is painted with a rainbow of possibilities. I plan to finally tap into and work on my creative interests, as well as thinking about money and investments. Oh and perhaps meet the man of my dreams. Hehe.

xiao ying @ 7:54 PM.