Thursday, September 03, 2009

I’m grateful that I’m giving myself this opportunity to be truly solitary and explore this beautiful romantic city on my own. I’m also grateful that from now on I get to sleep whenever I want, wake up whenever I want and go wherever I wish. Mona Lisa’s smiling at me, time to shower and go out to explore this beautiful city by night, and fulfill my Eiffel Tower dream.

Paris is magnificent at night. We watched the sky change color as the Eiffel tower slowly glowed brighter like a glittering jewel in the night sky. I took this photos whilst eating French crepes with my 2 newly acquainted Korean friends listening to ‘I’m yours’ on my ipod. I could not believe my eyes when a shooting star moved across the sky.

Of course I made a wish.

xiao ying @ 3:33 PM.