Thursday, January 01, 2009

New years eve.

Why do some feel lonesome on festive seasons like these?

We always relate to these moments as the landmark time for our loved ones to hold us, as the fireworks explode into the sky and street revelers cry out their festive cheers. People with glow sticks and glittery party clothes, couples holding hands, groups hugging and blowing kisses to strangers, the bridge leading to Flinders st station filled with people, choked with plentiful alcohol influenced cheer.

It took me 30 minutes to nudge my way through a sea of people across the bridge. As I did this, alone, a thought crossed my mind about how absolutely terrible it would be if it took forever and it meant I would have to do the countdown all by myself. I think with a wry smile how far fetched this year has been compared to last year. Somehow I felt a bit lost, like I don’t belong anywhere. All my friends had their partners and their own parties to go to, and every festive gathering so far had been full of partners. Everywhere I turn, there were partners. I think with a wry smile. But I guess sometimes life gets like this, when you become to odd one out, you just got to be thankful of other things in life.

But it’s ok, good things happen to those who wait, even if there is no special someone holding or kissing me when the clock struck 12. As the countdown began when we ran down st Kilda road, I heard the 9..8…7…6..5..4…3..2..1 and realized that this is it, the moment has arrived! I just went berserk and hugged my nearest girlfriends. We cheered, we yelled out, we threw our arms in the air!! The sky did explode with fireworks, and at that moment, I did fill my heart with hyperactive joy and excitement. This year of 2009 is going to be a much better year, I feel lucky already. Every disasters that happened in 2008 will fall away, and the misfortunes are just blessings and learning in disguise. Bring on 2009, may all my resolutions come true.

xiao ying @ 2:18 AM.