Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunrise speaks the language of silence, the very idiom of images.
There is obligation to acknowledge and to feel its stillness. The
solemn silence into which the radiant sun emerges as it flows freely,
with inexpressible humility, into my frame, fills me with feelings of
awe, respect and blessedness . The subs richness in color, immense
presence and newness, evoke wonder and delight.

The waves in a dawn seascape can be persistent, perpetual ever
majestic, as they march from nights dark shadows to salute the
shimmering spectre of day.

On calm clear nights under a star studded sky, being alone in nature
is a profound experience that can be purifying. As I photograph
nightscapes, I breath at a pace that is in tune with the unhurried
beat of the earth. Subjects are framed by a horizon of celestial
sphere upon which stars appear fixed. A visible universe pricked by
the white light of a trillion distant stars.

Senses awakened, I journey, I pause, I linger and when my own
distinctive vision is ready to be painted, I press the shutter button.

-Excepts from Denis glennon, previsualising. Photography by me

xiao ying @ 12:12 PM.