Friday, July 09, 2010

I just watched the sunset over Obaiba bay, listening to Dido. A zen moment that I never expected in Tokyo. The air is moist and warm and the place is peacefully empty. Clouds drifted across the sky amazingly low. The waves in the ocean are fierce in the refreshing summer wind and 3 aeroplanes just took off into the distance. A man with a fishing rod and his dog just passed by, and now the orange colors are fading into the horizon.

I feel very calm and free, as if nothing can touch me, I am just content, happy. Time to head off to the onsen...going to indulge myself for a couple of hours.

I like travel, because no 2 days are the same. I like this mixture of solitude and togetherness with people you meet during your travels.

Travel my love, I have reignited my passion with you, yet again.

xiao ying @ 10:17 PM.