Sunday, October 04, 2009

I've rediscovered how fun it is dancing with my beautiful girl friends!
We don't care how we look, we just fall in love with the music

I've been singing without a care at Karaoke like the old days!
It doesn't matter how good we sound, we can't stop laughing and goofing around

I've been Smiling so much more these days!
The morning sun shines bright, reminding me it's another beautiful day

I'm madly in love with photography!
The world is such a pretty place, happy couples, warm smiles of a good friend

I've started to appreciate my dear ones so much more!
I have the best family and friends they remind me how good it is to feel connected

I've started to appreciate my own company so much more,
Finding that inner strength and capacity to generate my own inner joy

Spring is here = the weather is getting warmer = happy me ^_^

Time for bed, goodnight world!

xiao ying @ 11:17 PM.